5 ways Smart Home systems improve life for the Elderly

5 ways Smart Home systems improve life for the Elderly

Do you think the older generation isn’t ready for modern technology in their homes? Think again. According to data from the Pew Research Center, four in ten seniors now own smartphones, more than double who owned a smartphone in 2013. Automated homes is a new technology that make life easier and more comfortable for the elderly . Elderly people or people with disabilities need some extra help to perform basic tasks. Smart home technology helps them performing this task on their own. Here are key areas where tech can improve the quality of life of elderly people while also ensuring they keep their independence

1. Using a Smart Lock and stop the hassle of lost keys

Don’t worry any more for lost keys, with smart locks you can control your lock from wherever you are through your cellphone app. You don’t need a key to open it since it can be open using a code. You can create special keys for different guest. You may also find a Smart Lock that opens with fingerprint that way the elder don’t need to remember the combination code.

2. Smart switches allows you to control your lighting from anywhere

Falls are common concerns among elderly seniors, which are often caused by fumbling around a dark room looking for a light switch. Smart switches allows you to create schedules, timers and control your lighting through your smart phone, tablet or using voice commands. When mobility declines for the elder, having a way to manage a home without excessive effort is key to independent living. Controlling the lights with voice commands allows them to turn them on/off from the comfort of their bed and gives them that independance . They may also create schedules to have the restroom on and room off at night or activating hallway lights at a dim level to make nighttime trips to the bathroom or kitchen safer by using a motion detection sensor

3. Smart thermostat are easy to read and fits the needs

Conveniently pre-program your smart thermostat for when indoor or outdoor temperatures reach a certain degree and save money by tracking your energy consumption as you go. Smart Thermostats use easy-to-read LCD touch screens for effortless use, while standard thermostats can be confusing or difficult to read. Access your Smart Thermostat using your smartphone or connect to your smart home assistant for voice-controlled use.

4. Smart security systems allows your family have peace of mind

Camera surveillance is a great plus to have on an elder home since you may know what the person is doing at all times. You can install elderly security cameras to check on parents/grandparents with Alzheimer’s or mobility issues. A two-way audio camera monitoring system for elderly allows you to listen and talk to your loved ones. The cameras can be used for watching caregivers or monitoring nursing homes to ensure they are away from elderly abuse.

5. Smart Doorbells

Safety is always a concern for seniors who live alone. Smart video doorbell would allow you to see, hear and speak to someone at her door (via smartphone, tablet, Google smart displays, Amazon Echo Show or Spot) without having to open it.

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