This is when you’ll begin to notice the oil separating from the solids. "Knowing the benefits of coconut oil is awesome. One of these is making virgin coconut oil at home! I’m glad you liked the recipe . My sinus has been acting up recently, and so I need the virgin coconut oil as a remedy for the condition. Apply it on the affected area daily after taking a bath. The key to making the perfect homemade coconut oil is the low, consistent temperatures. "The step-by-step method used here is awesome, and gives a vivid picture of what to expect when preparing the oil. 2. Honestly, I just really love to know exactly what I can make at home. Virgin Coconut Oil Production Virgin coconut oil produced from expeller-pressing from a dried coconut. ", explanations are so easy to get with the step-by-step process with pictures. That way I can update the post and share the wisdom. Use a coconut scraper, sharp paring knife, or a sturdy metal spoon. I tried coconut oil on my hair and it did magic. about me | contact | subscribe, COPYRIGHT © 2020 ALPHAFOODIE Then slowly scoop the virgin coconut oil in a clean jar or bottle. How to Make your own cold processed Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). The difference between coconut oil and virgin coconut oil: Now, I’m not exactly an expert in the field of ‘virgin’ vs ‘refined’ vs etc. Privacy Policy. This aroma is totally through natural process and unrefined. You can also use it for frying and roasting veggies. The coconut will begin to get crumbly in texture and solidify. Virgin coconut oil can be used in cooking for wonderfully light, flaky pastries such as scones and pie crusts. Wow thank you so much. If you're using store-bought coconut, go for the coconut flakes, rather than shredded coconut, which tends to clog the juicer. Squeeze hard, to make sure you get every last drop. Cold processed virgin coconut oil has been a jack of all trades and a solid all purpose life saver in our household. Hi Veerti, The low-temperature heating process can easily take between 1-2 hours, if not more. Mix the coconut milk from the first extraction with that obtained from the second extraction. It also has many uses compared to regular coconut oil. Strain the oil from the liquid. "I told a friend to teach me, but she refused. Hi John, I understand too that cold press is also, another method to get Virgin oil. ", Unfortunately, it was very costly, so I have no choice than to do it myself. I hope you like the recipe , Thank you so much. Let the mixture stand for 36-48 hours to separate the cream from the skim milk. Use the coconut flour in cakes, cookies or dumplings. ", cool, as it is natural and kept pure. This can then be kept in the fridge. Copra normally has an oil content varying from 65 to 72 percent. It takes quite a long time to extract the oil, however, the majority of the process is fairly hands-off. Support wikiHow by ", decided to make my own. After some hours, I removed the top solid part and ended up on heat. Just make sure the fragrance is safe to use on your skin. Virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut milk/kernel and is left unrefined. After squeezing out the cream, the pulp can be dried, and then ground into flour. To do this, you need to blend the coconut meat and filtered water in a high-speed blender for between 1-2 minutes. It makes my hair grow and stopped breakage. I hope you’ll give a few of these a try and enjoy my recipe for homemade coconut oil. Can you make virgin coconut oil by fermentation? . Best Regards. Application The organic virgin coconut oil from Coconut Co-Op is available for wholesale. The method sounds good, however what is the quantity of oil from the amount of coconut used. Thank you for giving your time and energy to help others. There are even some people swearing by coconut oil to help soothe sore throats and fighting colds & the flu. It adds a delicate vanilla flavor and is much healthier than traditional fats like lard or butter. Great. Thanks to all, who made this portal a reality. The oil separates from the cream. This article has been viewed 1,754,950 times. ~ To make coconut oil through natural fermentation, mix the remaining coconut water with the milk, and fill the mixture in a transparent glass jar. This allows the oil to retain more of its naturally healthy benefits, anti-oxidants, and vitamins. This looks great! ", nutrients. While heating, the water will evaporate from the coconut milk mixture. Instructions Beginning with your whole coconuts, you're going to want to crack them open with a small hammer. If I do not put the oil in the fridge would it stay a liquid or still solidify? Sipping a spoonful each day is said to increase immunity, lower blood pressure, relieve joint pain and even aid in the treatment of cancer. ", Unlock staff-researched answers by supporting wikiHow,,,,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Use the pulp to repeat the process one more time. ", curds. Filling the blender too high may cause the lid to fly off. Thanks so much I enjoyed your recipe God bless you, Thank you for your comment. You will notice that the top of the oil is thick after being refrigerated if it's been done properly. products. I could write another entire blog post dedicated to the many ways that people use coconut oil. The coconut will begin to get crumbly in texture and solidify. Don't fill the blender more than halfway full with hot water. This article has been viewed 1,754,950 times. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. Wrap and wring the katsa to extract the milk. I hope you give the recipe a try . "Learned to be able to know how best to produce coconut oil at home and avoid the ones sold in large quantities in, "I am so happy to finally know the health benefits of coconut oil and also seeing that it could cure my medical, "Excellent! I hope you gave this recipe a try . Put the milky part (curd) in a pan and heat on low heat. This is when you'll begin to notice the oil separating from the solids. This article received 115 testimonials and 94% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Can I use coconut oil to remove stretch marks? Hi! Required fields are marked *, Hello! The remaining coconut pulp can then be dried out and used within all sorts of baked recipes. Although there will still be lots of coconut pulp, you’ll find there is also a lot of coconut milk now too. Refrigerate the jar so the curd hardens more quickly if you'd like. You can then use the coconut oil for all your hair & beauty needs. Coconut oil makes my skin look, "wikiHow, you tell me the best solutions, remedies, methods, and much more. Not to mention that, due to its high smoke point, it’s perfect for cooking as it won’t release harmful free-radicals as easily as many other oils. After 24 hours, scoop the separated oil out of the jar and put it in a new container. From face masks, moisturiser, toothpaste, oil pulling, body scrubs, to grow eyelashes, to reduce scarring, help heal bites & scratches, soaps, lotions, deodorant, eye cream, shampoo bars, hair care, For nail cuticles, bath salts, to remove make-up, anti-ageing uses, for scalp health and psoriasis… the list goes on and on. You can make your own virgin coconut oil at home using a coconut and a few simple tools. Thank you so much for your feedback. Thank you for this knowledge. So just be patient! The process is sequential and simply logical. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the article, and liked veg, "I've learned more ways, because I knew only one way. Now you have it. ( Remember. 1. Split open the coconut and pour the water in a bowl. This research attempts to design a … This post may contain affiliate links. If your blender is on the smaller side, blend the coconut and water in two batches. As well as being great for baking, salad dressings or even to add to a cup of tea daily. On my skin, it's just glowing. If it's easier for you, you could pick up the cheesecloth and squeeze it over the bowl with your hands. To do this, you need to blend the coconut meat and filtered water in a high-speed blender for between 1-2 minutes. I think it’s also worth noting that this oil can be gathered at an earlier point in the recipe too ( photograph below) . In fact, I’ve read that those having thyroid issues a tsp per day can improve thyroid health. It would also work within my tart recipes e.g. I hope this helps. ** . You should know that consume the virgin coconut oil can make powerful and need several times that your body start to adapt well. Once the mixture has completely separated into the solids and the oil, simply gather all the solids and discard them if they are too ‘burnt’. I must confess, I never knew it was this, "What helped me most was simply knowing that I could make my own coconut oil. Regular coconut oil is made by pressing copra. I am going to try the Wet Mill Method. Thank you so much for your comment. I use it all the time and good quality coconut oil can be a little pricey. Scrape the meat of the coconut from the shell. This homemade coconut oil can then easily be kept in the fridge for between 8-10 months! If you try to use higher temperatures, to cut down the time it takes to make this oil then you run the risk of ruining the oil. ", beautiful. You will need. Our coconut oil is fair trade and serves a diverse range of purposes including cooking, beauty and hair care, and medicinal. I hope I’ll have a good experience of using this 100% natural oil, Thanks for trying the recipe, Arzoo. So happy you like the recipe . However, it has recently been redeemed in a health-conscious world because, unlike hydrogenated oils, it is not processed or chemically treated and therefore retains all of its healthy plant-based nutrients. Glad you liked the recipe. Learn more... Coconut oil offers a variety of health benefits and can be used for cooking as well as skin and hair care. If you'd rather not boil the mixture, you can allow it to separate on its own. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. You could stir it from time to time but that is not necessary. You can then use a coconut tool to easily remove the meat. Filed Under: DIY, DIYs, Gluten Free, Lifestyle, Recipes, Vegan Tagged With: coconut, coconut milk, coconut oil, diy, virgin coconut oil. Wonderful post! Coconut oil is an amazing ingredient. This will work great for my brother who has eczema, and I could not find any coconut oil at my, "I have been wanting to have a virgin coconut oil because I don't trust the ones being sold in the markets and, "This article was very helpful because now instead of getting store-bought coconut oil (that I have no idea how it, "The article has helped me know how to make coconut oil which is one of the most useful oils since its good for, "I wanted to prepare coconut rice but I never knew how to extract the oil/ milk from the coconut. Making virgin coconut oil with fresh coconuts. Most manufacturers then refine bleach and deodorize the oil to make it suitable for consumption and healthcare. Can we store it outside at room temperature. Coconuts that have not fully matured will be a lighter brown color. Not only that, but you can make coconut oil in a variety of ways. To extract even more liquid, pour more hot water over the pulp and squeeze it again. Approved. I'll make more progress in extracting the oil the next time I try. Yes, that's the oil that you should scoop out. I just came across your page and am glad I did, also because of the. Allow the jar to remain at room temperature (around 32 degree Celsius) for about 20 hours. Looking to find a way to keep the oil a liquid. By pouring this milk into a large, heavy-based pan and heating on low, consistent temperatures, you will begin to see coconut oil forming on the top of the mix. Thanks for sharing! 1. Copra is the major commercial product of coconut. Be patient, and stir constantly. I used 5 coconuts and that made about 1 cup of coconut oil. Keep up the good writing. This article has, "Curious about uses for coconut and found plenty. It is so easily available, but lack of knowledge is such a failing. I’ll be writing a cold-process version to make Virgin Coconut oil soon!). I love your recipe. I own a coconut grater and your methods will be of great value to me. The next step is to extract the coconut meat from the shell. And please how many cups of water? From what I've read, now I now know where my mistake was in. Your email address will not be published. Heat destroys nutrients, so if you boil the oil, you will lose some beneficial nutrients. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. After trying the first two methods, I. This can then be kept in the fridge. Coconut and its products are important foods for thousands of years in India. If you need to liquify it, you can put the jar in a bowl with warm water or keep it near a warm air source. To learn how to make virgin coconut oil using a whole coconut, keep reading! If yes then what will the shelf life be? thank you for the recipe.i thought it was difficult but the way u explained it seems to be easy.i will surely try it. Hey. I have been wanting to get hold of some virgin coconut oil for a long time now. Last Updated: December 15, 2020 The manufacturing of virgin coconut oil and flour involves two processing methods either by the: 1) Dry process which involves drying of grinded coconut meat, oil extraction and pulverizing the meal. After getting out the virgin coconut oil, what can I use the remains of the liquid for? Virgin coconut oil derived from expeller-pressing the oil from dried coconut. ", helped me a lot on processing, its pros and cons, advantages and plus features. I actually have two homemade coconut oil recipes to share on my blog post. There are two main methods of producing virgin coconut oil: 1. I hope this helps. RBD and VCO coconut oil have the same physical and chemical characteristic but have different sensory attributes and prices. . Thank you so much, so glad you like them :). As more virgin coconut oil products appear, it's time to learn more about what really makes each coconut oil different from one another. Right ... Key points to check during a factory visit in the Philippines. I hope this helps. This process can easily take between 1-2 hours, if not more. To create this article, 42 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. It worked perfectly well, but I'd like the cold process, since it retains virtually all the, "This article allowed me to know the beautiful benefit of coconut oil. * The next step is to extract the coconut meat from the shell. Thank you so much for your comment, Aasia. When producing virgin coconut oil commercially, the Majority of the manufacturers use the “Cold-pressed” method where no heat is involved, So oil has a distinct aroma of mild coconut. Hi beautiful. Scoop out the flesh using a sharp knife or a spoon. I didn't try the 3rd because heat is usually not the best method for preserving all the good stuff :-)", I am now making extra virgin coconut oil for myself and loved ones. You know exactly what I want, and your, "I've really learned to prepare coconut oil in home right in my kitchen. Dip the net bag in coconut water, and press it again to extract more milk. Your recipes are so good, I tried making the coconut oil it came out fine. There are two types of edible coconut oil available in the commercial market: refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD) coconut oil and virgin coconut oil (VCO). Did you know you can read answers researched by wikiHow Staff? Yes, you can. Beginning with your whole coconuts, you're going to want to crack them open with a small hammer.*. After heating for a while, the water will begin to evaporate from the coconut milk mixture. This portal, "Thanks very much. ", streets. In this recipe, I’ll be showing you how to make virgin coconut oil from scratch. "This article was very helpful! Thank you so much. Then, run the coconut flakes through a juicer 2 times to extract all of the coconut oil from them. Also, feel free to tag me in your creations @AlphaFoodie. Thank you, wikiHow!