In April, archaeologists. By Andrea Romano July 13, 2020 Channel 4’s “Secrets of Egypt’s Valley of the Kings” revealed how two remains were found buried in the sand outside. CAIRO - 5 January 2020: Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a new artifact at the tomb of Tutankhamen, as they were transporting some of the king's treasures from the tomb in Luxor to the Grand Egyptian Museum. But crucial evidence reveals they were originally completely covered with gold leaf, a luxury afforded only to those from the top tiers of society. Share. One suggestion is they were priests who played a key role in maintaining the pharaohs’ power. Egyptian Ministers have announced exciting new discoveries at the Mummification Workshop Complex first unearthed in Saqqara in 2018. Jun 16, 2020 Ian Harvey Could this be the tomb of Cleopatra? This picture taken on April 13, 2019 shows a view inside the newly-discovered tomb of the ancient Egyptian nobleman "Khewi" dating back to the 5th dynasty at the Saqqara necropolis in Egypt. In a press statement, El-Enany also thanked the excavation workers for operating in difficult conditions while adhering to new coronavirus-related safety measures. The mummies were found earlier this year during an excavation in Saqqara, which is situated to the south of Cairo, according to Global News. It is unclear how many more sarcophagi may be found in the shaft, or whose remains they contain, though archaeologists hope to provide further answers during the excavation process, The discovery follows a number of other significant finds at the Saqqara necropolis site in recent months. After an initial limestone slab is removed with a chisel and hammer, she peers through a small hole, exclaiming: “Oh my god, there are two mummies … See this wonder.”. Cleopatra VII was the last ruler of the Ptolemic Dynasty of Ancient Egypt and now her tomb may have been discovered. The dramatic find was unearthed south of Cairo in the sprawling burial ground of Saqqara, the necropolis of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis, a … Monday 21 September 2020 12:43. Untouched 4,400-year-old tomb discovered at Saqqara, Egypt The stunning tomb displays clues to the life of a royal official, with more discoveries likely. Prior to Sunday's announcement, Egypt's Tourism and Antiquities Minister Khaled El-Enany had already described discoveries at the site as being "the largest number of coffins in one burial since the discovery of the Al-Asasif cachette," referring to the. Nearly 100 coffins buried over 2,500 years ago found in Egypt, Discovery of scholar's notes shine light on race to decipher Rosetta Stone, Scans peek beneath wrappings of ancient mummified animals, Five-thousand-year-old Egyptian tomb opens for virtual tour, Egypt reopens Djoser pyramid – in pictures, Archaeologists discover 30 ancient coffins in Luxor, Oxford professor accused of selling ancient Bible fragments, Egypt tries to stop sale of Tutankhamun statue in London. At the site of the temple altar, where priests would have made offerings to the gods, 200 coins bearing Cleopatra’s name and her face have been discovered. The documentary provides an in-depth overview of the discovery of a singularly significant ancient site that came to life beneath the sands at Egypt’s renowned Saqqara archaeological site. In the show, cameras film her as the burial chamber with two mummies is opened up for the first time. Archeologists in Egypt recently discovered a tomb near Aswan, along the Nile River. Egypt tomb: Sarcophagi buried for 2,500 years unearthed in Saqqara ... 20 September 2020. A tomb belonging to a senior official dating to the Fifth Dynasty in Ancient Egypt has been unveiled around 20 miles south of Cairo. The cache of closed coffins was unearthed from a 11-meter-deep (36 feet) burial shaft in Saqqara, a vast necropolis about 32 kilometers (20 miles) south of Cairo. Archaeologists recently unearthed a tomb in Egypt that belonged to a mysterious man known as Tjt, dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Lost art of Venezuela. The opening of the first-ever intact tomb found at Taposiris Magna was witnessed by cameras for a new Channel 5 documentary, The Hunt for Cleopatra’s Tomb, to … Authorities also suggested that more coffins and artifacts were likely buried in the same location. Only a tiny percentage of the vast site has been explored. 0 comments. Copy link. Cleopatra saw herself as the “human incarnation of Isis”, Martínez said. ... , New York, NY 10036. The Hunt for Cleopatra’s Tomb will be shown on Channel 5 on Thursday 16 July at 9pm. Jeff Parsons Wednesday 9 Sep 2020 10:49 am. One of the 27 new sarcophagi discovered at Saqqara, Egypt. Now two mummies of high-status individuals who lived at the time of Cleopatra have been uncovered at Taposiris Magna, a discovery that it is being described as “sensational” because it shows the importance of a necropolis that is being linked to her by the latest finds. Cleopatra was the last of a ruthless dynasty that ruled the Ptolemaic kingdom in Egypt for almost three centuries. The opening of the first-ever intact tomb found at Taposiris Magna was witnessed by cameras for a new Channel 5 documentary, The Hunt for Cleopatra’s Tomb, to be screened on Thursday. close. Social-media watchdogs are slamming “white people” for unearthing a 2,500-year-old mummy from its tomb in the sprawling Saqqara necropolis of Egypt. Although the burial chamber had been undisturbed for 2,000 years, the mummies are in a poor state of preservation because water had seeped through. Are there mummies in the coffins? Her previous discoveries include a headless statue of a pharaoh, believed to be King Ptolemy IV, Cleopatra’s ancestor, and a foundation plate with an inscription showing that the temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis. The coffins were well preserved because they were so well hidden from tomb raiders, Waziri said. 2 Minute Read Egypt: 'One of a kind' tomb found in Saqqara A 4,400-year-old tomb, thought to be the final resting place of a high priest, has been discovered in Egypt. © 2021 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. She was born in 69 BC and famously (and allegedly) died from the bite of a poisonous asp snake in 30 BC after ruling the land for 30 years. All 27 of the sarcophagi unearthed from Saqqara appear to be completely sealed, with initial studies suggesting that they haven't been opened since they were first buried, the ministry said. image … The sarcophagi were discovered in an 11-meter (36 feet) shaft in Saqqara. Archaeologists also uncovered a collection of smaller artifacts at the site, according to a ministry statement. "I think it's only the beginning.". All rights reserved. Share page. Despite staying underground for millennia, the coffins have retained some of their original colors. Yet not a single Ptolemaic pharaoh’s tomb has been found. Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities and Tourism Khaled al-Anani has announced the country’s first archaeological discovery of the new year, located in the a vast burial ground in the village of Tuna al-Jabal in Egypt’s Minya Governorate, where the Egyptian mission led by Mostafa al-Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, excavated 16 tombs. That burial shaft, which stretched 9 meters (30 feet) below ground, was found to contain an array of small artifacts, including figurines that were typically buried in Egyptian graves to aid the deceased in the afterlife. 3. This “incredible find” not only links Cleopatra directly to Taposiris Magna, but also reveals a striking image of the queen, Godenho says in the documentary. To be covered in gold leaf shows they ... would have been … important members of society,” he said. “Although now covered in dust from 2,000 years underground, at the time these mummies would have been spectacular. What lies sealed inside the jars? It is presented by Dr Glenn Godenho, a senior lecturer in Egyptology at Liverpool University, who described the discovery as phenomenal. ARCHAEOLOGISTS have found a secret chamber behind the tomb of King Tutankhamun that could hold the remains of his mother-in-law, Queen Nefertiti. ... Sarcophagi buried for 2,500 years found in Egypt tomb. Tourism and Antiquities Minister Khaled El-Enany and Mustafa Waziri, the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, inspect one of the sarcophagi. ... New mineral found on 220-year-old rock mined in Cornwall The tomb was found … Some believe she was buried in Alexandria, where she was born and ruled from her royal palace, a city decimated by the tsunami of 365AD. The coffin was discovered in the Saqqara are of Egypt. About sharing. Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered another large cache of unopened sarcophagi in Saqqara, adding to the trove of almost 60 coffins recently … The online streaming platform, Netflix, announced that it will release the documentary, Secrets from Saqqara Tomb, on 28 October. One bears an image of a scarab, symbolising rebirth, painted in gold leaf. Exclusive: discovery of two ancient mummies filmed for Channel 5 documentary, Sun 12 Jul 2020 15.42 BST The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities publishes a helpful round-up of recent discoveries, events, and projects in Egypt in an accessible PDF format.The latest issue was published in January 2020 (click here for English or Arabic). Egyptian antiquities officials had announced the discovery of the first batch coffins last month, when archaeologists found 13 of the containers in … Others suggest her final resting place could be about 30 miles away, in the ancient temple of Taposiris Magna, built by her Ptolemaic ancestors on the Nile Delta. Excavations at Taposiris Magna are headed by Dr Kathleen Martínez, who, after working there for over 14 years, is more convinced than ever Cleopatra’s tomb will be found there. Incredible discovery in Egypt as authorities uncover 2,500-year-old sealed coffins.