Consult the reference documentation for more details. Site Feedback. What do you want to do? To add commands to a group, you must first add a custom group to a default tab or to a new custom tab. From the Manifest.xml file I am triggering events to JavaScript function through ExecuteFunction JS function is getting hit, but there is no update happening on the TaskPane UI. The “Word Options” dialog box displays. If you are creating custom commandbar controls for Office 2003 or Office 2007 then it is best to use the Picture and Mask properties. These are designed to support the basic functionality of the excel. The new Custom Tab is empty because no Excel command is added in it. However, you can use it to your advantage by adding your own custom tabs containing commands you use often. Install Mac OS X updates followed by Office updates. In conclusion, creating an add-in for Office is a great way to automate tasks and deliver them to others as easy as possible. manifest file content have set icon code, for example: < DisplayName DefaultValue = " Add-in Commands Sample " /> < Description DefaultValue = " Sample that illustrates add-in commands basic control types and actions " />