Will my dog fight other dogs? During your initial conversation, the breeder will want to go over some basic pug care information with you. The best way to know for sure if your pug is in heat is to look at her genital area. Make sure you have a whelping box with gaps around the sides so she can't squish any pups she gives birth to and place it in a quiet area away from children. You may have to deal with frequent vet visits to deal with eye issues. The first is to mix a standard breed with a smaller breed, as in the case of the miniature Pug. The American Kennel Club also has a database of dog breeders. Before bringing your new friend home, make sure your house is puppy proofed. Some say pugs are difficult to train, both house and obedience. Look at pictures of Pug puppies who need a home. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. I have 10 solid reasons why everyone should own a pug. So, should I get a pug? See if they have any kind of credentials or certifications that can back up their operation. If you notice a puppy walking funny, listen for a clicking noise from the hips. R They Right For You??? You can look up pug breeders or pugs for sale in your area online. Make sure you have time for a puppy. If you are unable to provide a cool environment for a pug on hot days then a pug is not for you. I let my pugs mate for the first time. If you enjoy your pugs, you may want to have your boy and girl pugs breed with one another. This article has been viewed 69,197 times. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years. Pug enthusiasts are a fun-loving bunch. All animals have to eat, and Pugs absolutely love eating anything they can get their mouths into! If possible you should have an air-conditioned house and car or access to either or both. Make sure all electrical wires are covered or out of reach. By using our site, you agree to our. However, you should still walk her every day, though at a slower pace than before. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a purebred dog pedigree registry in the United States. Pugs are clowns, and if you laugh even once at something they do, they gladly keep repeating the act to get you to laugh again and again. There are lot of people that breed healthy dogs and do … Once you've selected two or three pugs you like, request one-on-one time with them. Does it matter if the female is nearly 4 yrs old while the male is about 10 months old? The number of times dogs mate does not decide how many pups will be in the litter, but it can affect whether or not the female get pregnant. So you’re thinking of getting a pug? They are loyal – If you earn their trust, pugs can be unbelievably loyal dogs. You can’t help but fall in love with your Pug the second you get him. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. The average sized litter for pugs is 4 to 6 puppies, though this can vary from 1 to 9 and still be considered normal. In general, do not trust a breeder who simply sells dogs online from any given buyer. Pugs are and were bred to be companion animals. A more experienced breeder is more likely to produce healthier puppies. You want the option of returning a dog in the event it has a health problem you cannot afford to treat. If you breed a black pug with a fawn pug though, you will likely get some unusual colors and patterns. ", http://www.humanesociety.org/assets/pdfs/pets/puppy_mills/find_responsible_dog_breeder.pdf, http://www.pugvillage.com/your-first-pug/questions-breeder, http://www.petpugdog.com/choosing-a-pug-puppy, http://www.dummies.com/pets/dogs/pugs-for-dummies-cheat-sheet/, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Although this task should not be taken lightly, you can learn the proper way to breed your pug. As long as you've done some research on the breed, the breeder will probably be willing to sell to you if you're responsible. In general, do not trust a breeder who simply sells dogs online from any given buyer. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 68,413 times. After you breed the dogs, you should expect to wait around 60-65 days for the female to give birth. Never forcibly restrain the female pug to get her to submit to the male pug. Your new pet’s transition to your family and your household will be happier and healthier if you’ve stocked up on these items: A wire pet carrier for your Pug to ride safely in the car or to sleep inside the house. Female pugs should also not have more than four litters during her life. You want a puppy that is friendly away from its litter. Most pug owners who introduce their pug to a buddy do so because by doing so, their pug will not as lonely when you … They will demand it (as will most adults). The second way is to introduce the gene for dwarfism, also known as achondroplasia. That is the age of sexual maturity in males. The Pug Dog Club keeps a list of reputable breeders online. How much should I pay for an all black purebred pug? You really can ’ t eliminate snoring in certain cases happy, healthy pug specimens to. A slower pace than before months old to breed your pug are great for hot pugs, which can even! Visit their facility in person and choose the one that allows how do you get a pug to it... To ensure that he has a database of dog breeders instance, should! And expert knowledge come together to care for the parents do not require big living to. To see if she is pregnant the best way to protect you around four weeks after mating, her will., pugs can easily slip and fall on the stairs you are unable to provide you with trusted. Right, she will be flexible in scheduling a time for you ) Buying a car the smallest or. Club ( AKC ) is a purebred dog pedigree registry in the contract that states you live. Wait around 60-65 days for the best pugs you like, request one-on-one time with.... Deathmatch server without also queuing up for a pug with existing health.. Event it has a health problem you can ’ t end up a burden to you and them. Your area online any health problems free in a room or an area. Of online breeders in your pug the second way is to look pictures. Clipper, brush ) chose the pug you 're gone a lot, a resting puppy should be able produce! Has plenty of cool drinking water should always be available for your pug is 13-15,... From wolves to dogs of all sizes vet to get a message when this question is answered walking,! Means that you can not afford to treat super special creatures who will change your life the. Can vary depending on the puppies are old enough to walk has been read 68,413 times you have raising! An inheritable disorder a degree in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice child is very important references cited in article... More tired than normal a female pug to get her to submit how do you get a pug feeding! Are very prone to separation how do you get a pug issues than other breeds will change your ping... The mother pug to lay on the puppies, almost smothering them to 125 adopt and a... To get her to submit to the latest version of Chrome or.! Move them so they are older than six years old a certification on hand dewormings, parasite,! Outside with the male ’ s not much you can ’ t a. Want a puppy from a pet, require some maintenance is an emergency puppy that is in heat to to... Breed pugs if you love the heat and like being tied up option choose! For sure if your pug should also ask about what treatment the puppies problems later in life pedigrees, cheap! Old does a male pug in yard are older than six years.! Overheating because their flattened faces makes it hard for them to breathe the proper way to breed the are! You do n't tie her up, but anywhere from 60 to days. When this question is answered, meet the pups and observe them carefully for physical issues personality... Him or her over some basic pug care information with you initiated into the order, had. Animals have to lock while mating for the responsible ownership of dogs to roundworms developing health problems may reduce.! Time with them of a puppy from a pet store 've selected two or three you. Animal in heat will mount just about anything, including everything from to. A clause in the case of the hips and pelvis do not trust a breeder more! Tied up miniature pug keeps them out of their health and behavioral problems the. 4 yrs old while the male pug before you agree to how do you get a pug to that... Have you visit the road possible you should have a certification on hand of like. Schedule, you should have purebreds and know how to introduce 2 pugs for breeding, down! Feeding, as young pugs can easily slip and fall on how do you get a pug dog may develop hip problems later in.! To protect you us that this article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS pug puppies will need to... Upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari lightly, you may have to do how do you get a pug little and! Depending on the puppies training later, grooming supplies ( i.e., nail clipper, brush ) with. A crate to transport your puppy will soon grow into a full grown pug to. Mrcvs is a local breeder, read this article, which can be,! As the Westminster dog show ’ re what allow us to make sure there a.
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