Storage and Transportation -30°C - 60°C 90% rH NOTE: You will see the most consistent and reliable readings … Leave it out for a total of 10 seconds. Aria Air tracks weight using Bluetooth to easily sync data from the scale to the Fitbit app, where you can see BMI and a complete view of your essential health metrics in easy-to-view graphs and charts. When you log your weight on the scale, it will automatically show on your Lose It! Premium members can sync body fat from their scale to Lose It!. A message will appear regarding what to do with your scale. Here is what it does: Hi :smileyhappy: ("Step On" if I haven't stepped on) Sensing. The Fitbit Aria is a smart scale that, when paired with the company's clip-on Body Tracker, can help you keep tabs on your overall level of fitness. General Info and Specifications Sensors Four load cells measure weight. Get a more complete picture of your health with Fitbit Aria Air™, an easy-to-use smart scale that displays your weight and syncs it to the Fitbit app where you can view BMI, track trends over time and more. Fast forward a few years - I saw Aria 2 and assumed that the setup issues has been solved. Setting up the Aria requires being connected to Wi-Fi (not cellular) and switching the Wi-Fi networks on your device. iPhones and iPads In the Fitbit app, tap the Today tab > your profile picture > your scale image. Prep Orbi First . Fitbit app Tap the Today tab > profile picture. 11) The final screen will read "Success". So, we decided to buy the Fitbit Aria scale to easily track our weight and body fat percentages. To factory reset your scale, complete these steps: Nope. With this being said, the recommended process to reset the scale is by taking out the … 10) The software will now attempt to connect to the selected Wi-Fi network and send network information to the scale. Aria Ex-US User Manual Rev B 114-0132-01 . Get started . Sous la balance, appuyez sur RESET. Aria Scale 12.3in 31.2cm 12.3in 31.2cm 1.3in 33.4mm 4lbs, 4.3oz 1.93kg Environmental conditions Operating Temperature 41° to 113° F (0° to 40° C) Aria Ex-US User Manual Rev B 114-0132-01 7 Relative Humidity 0% - 95% Aria is designed to operate in a humid bathroom environment. Check the battery icon next to the name of your scale. Si vous modifiez votre réseau sans fil, reconnectez Fitbit Aria ou Fitbit Aria 2 à votre réseau. Invite other users to your Fitbit Aria series scale. Aria Scale "ERR"- please help! Go to Profile button (top right corner) 3. and hasn't worked since. If this is the first time setting it up I believe it says “SetUp Mode” or something similar. The Fitbit Aria Scale is a wireless body scale that allows you to track your weight through a connected wifi network. Get started. It randomly stopped working. Personalize scale info; Put scale into setup mode; Connect to the scale Wi-Fi ; Re-connect to your home network; Get started. Limitations l The scale's weight limit is: 397lbs, 28st: 5lbs, or 180kg. Then I had to reset the scale because it knew it was already set up. They'll send you a new one." Unfortunately, when we got a new router and I tried to reset my Aria, it basically threw up it's little digital hands and said "I don't know WTF you're talking about." Enter your email address and we'll send you an email to reset your password. It also integrates well with Fitbit's powerful cloud-based fitness tools. Most Wi-Fi devices these days are all-in-one gadgets that combine both a Wi-Fi router and a modem for Internet access. Set your scale on a hard floor (not carpet) near your internet router to ensure it can detect your Wi-Fi network. I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue, as the fitbit discussion board and support staff has not been able to help. If you're not comfortable doing this, you can set up using our set up software. 9) Place the scale in Setup Mode by following the instructions on the screen. I had zero issues setting the scale up and I have had no issues with having to reset my scale or losing connectivity among the devices (scale - phone - Fitbit.) When this happens, the scale shows an icon like the one below: If the user icon shown is yours, tap the right side of the scale with your foot. members can sync weight from their Fitbit Aria scale to Lose It!. Remarque : ces instructions ne s’appliquent pas à Fitbit Aria Air. Turn it over and take out a battery (one is enough). All Lose It! I have tried all 3 modes, I have tried separating the bands, renaming the hub, factory reset of hub, I even changed the scales in Argos for a new set. Fitbit Aria Scale: Troubleshooting Use this article if data isn't syncing nicely between Lose It! Additional users need their own Fitbit account to sync their weight and see additional data. Rest assured that if this button is pressed several times, the Aria may get damaged internally.