Strategies to save on your next utility bills using Smart Home products

Smart home devices make our homes safer, greener and more convenient. We now have the power to control almost everything from our smartphones – from home security systems to entertainment, lighting and temperature. In addition Smart Home devices can make your home more energy efficient and allows you to save money on the long run. So the question is how do we save money using smart home products? Here is a list of tips that can help you answer the question:

smart home devices
  1. Use smart plugs to prevent “Energy Vampires”: In home electronics, the term “energy vampire” refers to appliances that suck power anytime they’re plugged in, even when you’re not actively using them. The worst culprits are smartphone and laptop chargers and devices with active standby modes, like TVs. You could prevent this by unplugging all of your devices every time they are not being used however with the use of smart plugs it s so much easier they shut down power products that go into standby mode, saving some serious energy and cash. Statistics vary, but the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory states that standby power consumption in an average home ranges from five to 10 percent of household energy consumption.
  2. Smart thermostats keeps your home at a comfy temperature level: smart thermostats save the most energy by minimizing temperature swings by cutting on or off closer to the desired temperature, they are Wi-Fi-connected devices that automatically adjust by lowering or rising the temperature. Typical features include programming temperatures you prefer, developing an ideal automated schedule.
  3. Smart switches helps you control your lighting when they are not being used: Leaving lights on when not in use can be a major drain on your energy bill; about 25% of utility costs are spent on lighting. Devices such as smart switches anmotion sensors can help ensure lights aren’t being left on when they are not in use. These have the potential to save 7% to 27% of a home’s overall lighting energy use, according to study by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.
  4. Smart blinds allows you to block the sun out: besides of using smart thermostat a smart blinds will help regulate the heat in room by scheduling them to close at the times where most sun hits directly in summer and viceversa in winter.

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